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Synergy within the Fujifilm Group


Fujifilm and Fujifilm Toyama Chemical strengthen the collaboration of diagnosis and treatment by using advanced and one-of-a-kind innovative technologies

Fujifilm group expands business related to human health in three domains: "Prevention", "Diagnosis" and "Treatment". We devote our energy to promote these domains as the next growing business domain within our group.

Fujifilm Toyama Chemical, will aim to develop new radioactive diagnostic and therapeutic drugs and those with unique action mechanisms, in the field of cancer, CNS diseases and infections. This will be realized in deep collaboiration with Fujifilm, which develops new drugs and IVD medical devices within its Healthcare/Medical Business. Furthermore, we will promote technological development of a drug delivery system (DDS) that deliver the exactly necessary amount of a drug to a target area at the exact required timing. We believe these efforts will lead to "Providing optimal therapeutic drug and treatment to each diverse patient based on the most accurate diagnosis" and it will mean to provide total solutions from "Diagnosis" of a disease to the "Treatment" of patients.

[Image]Group Synergy in Fujifilm Group’s Medical Systems and Life Science Businesses

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