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Business Domain


Concentrating our business resources on the development of new drugs to address unfulfilled medical demands

Cancer field


We will strive to provide more effective treatment to patients, not only drugs for cancers caused by specific gene mutations, but also armed antibodies, which combine antibodies and radioisotopes, and liposome preparations that selectively deliver drugs to a cancer-affected area by using one-of-a-kind drug delivery technology.
Also, for radiopharmaceuticals, we will develop Theranostics which enable diagnosis and treatment using the same compound by changing the labeled isotope, and will strive to provide new drugs that will meet unmet medical needs concerning neuroendocrine tumors and pheochromocytoma to clinical practices as soon as possible.

Approach towards next-generation drugs


With regard to the therapeutic application of mRNA as a new nucleic acid drug and the practical application of genetic modification technology, we will promote the development of delivery systems using liposome preparation technologies.

Challenging CNS diseases


We aim to launch therapeutic drugs by identifying the association of MRI/PET image analyses and biomarkers, with diseases and pathologies, and by targetting patients in whom therapeutic effects can be expected, for clinical studies.

Response to infections


We will seek to develop targeted treatments for bacteria and viruses using in vitro diagnostics (IVD) by making use of its quickness and simplicity, as well as therapeutic drugs for highly lethal virulent viruses. Also in view of widespread AMR, we will advance development of strain-specific antibacterial drugs.



Our product lineup includes diagnostic agents and brain and bone metastases, and therapeutic agents for thyroid cancer and malignant lymphoma. Patient-friendly examination and less invasive treatment. Our goal is to realize safe and reliable medical care that can be achieved only with nuclear medicine.

Medical IoT Solution

Medication Verification system


We will support audit with Fujifilm's original image processing technology.
New development of medication verification system will reduce the workload of pharmacists and will allow quick response to the changes in the market, and lead pharmacies to the future.

Delivery device system


By making use of our own excellent temperature adjusting technology and know-how for designing heat and cold insulation, we will advance in the development of systems and services to deliver blood, regenerative pharmaceuticals and other pharmaceuticals more safely and more securely.

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